As Nature orders and Tradition teaches

Gruppo Ethos, an important italian company that works in food service, decides to research in food&beverage field products that follow its standards of wellness, craftsmanship and enviroment respect, only to offer something in line with its Vision.

In order to provide for a perfect product, Gruppo Ethos has created it. Libera® project born in this way. It exalts homemade production and well selected ingredients from Nature. It includes Birra Libera® with beers produced in our brewery in Casatenovo (LC); Cioccolata Libera® with chocolate from South America and brown sugar; Torrefazione Libera® with coffee fire roasted with rare machines of the second World War; Distilleria Libera® with spirits and liquors made in Brianza; Bolla Libera® with vintage beverage to revalue old tastes.

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